I would wait a million years


I can't help but sing a Lana Del Rey song when i look 
at these pictures. I'm just a little bit too crazy about her at 
the moment and i can't lie; i do have her in mind when 
i grab an outfit off the rail in the morning.

I really love old fashioned Photographs 
and after trying so many times to make mine look oldish, 
they never seem to turn out the way i hoped they would.
I think my boyfriend knows me a little too well and has 
managed to make these images look warm, old and hazy ...
Bravo !!

The Huge bug lenses (you are all wondering about) 
are from Giant Vintage. These Vintage inspired beauts 
are only $24 but using code LOLLY25 you can get
25% these or any other lenses that tickle your fancy.


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