Painting with numbers

It's been so cold this week in Newcastle this week.I need to stop wearing my blazers and jackets 
and get my winter coats out. As you know this is my favourite location to shoot my looks and it's a 
'must see' wall if anyone visits Newcastle. The wall is in Heaton, fully legal with a small shop at the 
front that sells the paint. It normally changes weekly, so its always exciting going to get my picture 
taking, not knowing what to expect. I love watching the guys paint, they are so talented. The amount 
of time and effort it takes to do and then someone paints over it a week later. Its unbelievable. 

Swarovski Crystal red studs, River Island ear cuff & Vintage Chanel pearl double C.

My lovely boyfriend takes my pictures, he does an amazing job apart from this certain comedy 
shot he insists on doing; he likes to call the dolphin shot. The main point he's trying to get at is
that i have a big forehead; apparently as big as a dolphins, which gives him the urge to tilt the 
camera downwards making sure my forehead is the focal point of the photo. 
Such an attractive angle Kraig, Thanks! Hahaha.

Tartan shirt with heart collar pins - River Island, high waist denim shorts- Coal n Terry Vintage,
heritage woollen blazer, faux fur collar - Topshop, anat chelsea boots - All Saints, vintage belt.

Lots of English love & kisses 
x o x o


  1. Hi! I found you from your reply on lookbook. I'm loving your blog, especially your outfit post with the vintage Louis Vuitton briefcase. *jealous!



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