French Boudoir

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Rose crown - Roses & Clementines / / Beaded jacket - River Island / / Pink dress - c/o Missguided / / Socks - Primark / / Shoes - Aliexpress / / Midi rings - Aliexpress / / Butterfly ring - Swarovski

I'm very girly and always been a fan of pink... shock. My bedroom at my mums has always been pink; overwhelming pink, like a fairy has vomited glitter and sparkles everywhere. I really thought i would grow up out of that Princess castle bedroom stage but it stayed like that will i moved out at 24 haha! Now living with my boyfriend, i make a conscious effort to not buy pink home wear. In an ideal world i would have a pink house; pastel kitchen, pink polka dot bathroom and a french 'shabby chic' style lounge but lets face it, i live with a guy. A guy who is obsessed with design, sleek surfaces and a dream  to have a room with just 'one amazing chair' in it, oh and who hates flowers!

So girls, you can see my dilemma. Our agreement was he got to decorate - pick all the furniture, for the lounge/sitting room, dinning room and kitchen. I got the bedroom, hallways and to choose what to do with the spare bedrooms. I think its safe to say i got the upper hand, we decided this before we looked at places to rent so we had no clue what each room was going to look like, the BEST part is that all his rooms are one - i mean it's all open plan.

We have been in our new home for a few months now and my faffing is in full swing. I love our bedroom, it's slightly toned down to what i would normally do but the bed does get referred to as the 'pixie bed'. I bet he secretly hates sleeping in this room. My inspiration is French boudoirs and the best place to get ideas and amazing imagery for this is Pinterest. (you can see my dream interiors board here) It's an ongoing project, i like to take my time when it comes to choosing things for my home and i'm forever changing things. You can see more pictures of my bedroom in an older post here.

Keeping the girly feel i am wearing this cute shift dress from misguided. I love the quirky mesh panel on the bottom and the sleeves. I've girlied it up with an oversized jacket; embellished with pearls and a delicate cream rose crown. The chihuahua socks were added in for fun.

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  1. This is such a cute outfit, I love the socks with the shoes and the dress is stunning!

  2. Soooo gorgeous Rachael! I just adore your shoes, so perfect! x

  3. love!

  4. Lovely! all the photos are so dreamy x

  5. that flower crown is gorgeous!


  6. In love with the dress ! It's so gorgeous !

  7. Adorable outfit well done!!!
    If you want check my new outfit post


    Your blog is a great hotspot for inspiration :D

    I have no choice but to follow you around :P

    Come by for a chat or follow if you like of course :)

    Happy week!


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  9. So ethereal! Loving your dress, it has a cute peekaboos on them :D

    xxx MODEmoiselle

  10. You room is gorgeous, you've done a really great job with it. I especially love the flowers on your bed! You're looking good too, I love your shoes and the pearly cardigan :) x

  11. Soooo beautiful <3

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