Clash Of The Florals ☮ with Missguided



Sunglasses - ℅ Giant Vintage / / Ethic print crop top - ℅ Missguided / / Fedora - Oasap / / Kimono - ℅ Missguided / / Crystal pendant - Swarovski / / Neclace - Topshop / / Belt - Vintage / / Daisy print trousers - ℅ Missguided / / Shoes - Aliexpress

Working with Missguided, this is my take on 'Clash Of The Florals' campaign. As you all know florals is my thing and with my new obsession; pattern & texture clashing, i jumped at the opportunity to create an outfit. Florals are my go to for an season; they are so easy to wear, there's lots of fun designs out there and if your careful with your colour pallets, i don't see how you can't wear them all year round. Summer is were i truly exploit them, the crazier, the brighter, the better.

I really do love anything that looks like it's be revived from the 70's and with these awesome palazzo trousers, you really can't go wrong with recreating that vibe. I wanted to be brave and not go for the typical black or white top option and truly clash with the daisy print. The ethnic print crop makes the outfit pop and i knew that my outfit was going to be something no one else would choose to go together. Going for a crop top style is very flattering with the high waist trousers; it not only elongates your legs but creates the elusion of a small waist and bust. ( a huge plus in my books!) I normally wouldn't introduce another piece of patterned clothing into an outfit but this kind of works. The white kimono pulls out the white in the other items and give the ultimate hippy look. Very festival esq. 

Pattern clashing 1:1
When clashing floral my first piece of advise is to have one 'monochrome item', this means your can be pretty adventurous with your next pattern and colour choice. Everything goes with a black and white pallet. 
The next thing to look for is either try and match the pattern to create a co-ord; it doesn't have to have the exact same pattern on, it can be similar in colour, a slight difference in pattern but once it's on together it will have the same desired effect. (an idea here)
You can  also clash patterns and textures when you use the same colour pallet throughout your outfit. (an idea how to here & here)
Or if your brave enough you can choose a main colour that is in one of your patterns and try to make it the focal colour through out your outfit. I have an example for you here. I've made sure that the colour jade is a big focus on both items of clothing and then added a touch of accessorising in the same colour. 

I hope you give it a go! and be sure you leave links to your pattern clashing outfits in the comment box below. You can always tweet me pictures at @rachaeldobbins

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  1. Definitely kinda works! Love the trousers especially!

    Hmm maybe...

  2. Honestly this outfit is just perfect, it's amazing I want to be wearing it right now! So beautiful!

  3. Just stunning Rachael, this outfit is to die for x

  4. Love this outfit, I love it when prints clash and the top and palazzo trousers clash together but look amazing! They work together so well! :D


  5. boni!!!

  6. Love the hat! xx

  7. I love how you mixed prints ! You look amazing !


  8. Great tips for pattern clashing! You look amazing! I love how daring you are when pairing two different patterns together. I love it! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  9. You look stunning! I love your style. What camera lens do you use?

  10. Wow perfect outfit and photos
    Check if you want my new outfit post

  11. those pants!!


  12. This outfit is perfect! xx

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