Motel Vintage DIY

I was lucky enough to be able to customise one of Motel's Vintage denim jacket. As you all know i am partial to a bit of DIY so i threw myself at the opportunity. I Love Motel Rocks, I've always been a fan of their prints and stylish silhouettes; after realising they have a vintage label, i immediately took to their website to have a spy - 

"Motel Vintage offers reworked original vintage garments that have been updated for a new generation. Retro leather jackets are transformed into cute biker skirts and vintage jeans turn into denim skirts and awesome backpacks! Because they are all one-of-a-kind items, you won’t catch anyone else in " 
Say no more, i'm obsessed. Keeping the totally unique and one off part in my mind, i wanted to create something Motel Vintage would be proud of. Something a little wacky and out the box. My DIY is inspired by Traditional matador jackets with a fun bohemian, indian element. I love my Motel Vintage jacket! It instantly looks so chic being oversized and i can't wait to rock it with all my winter outfits! I am definitely inspired by the Motel's Vintage label, i love how they have reworked vintage clothing into cool new apparel. Coming from someone who loves to add unique pieces to her wardrobe, my fingers definitely got the 'add to the shopping cart' itch.  Check out their campaign video here
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  1. This is so gorgeous! I've done plenty of clothing restyles myself, but have never thought to add this level of detail for anything- I'm feeling inspired.

  2. wow! this jacket is awesome! you are talented!

  3. Wow you added some pretty awesome details !


  4. My oh my, that jacket is just incredible Rachael x

  5. Hello from Spain: I like your jacket. Great outfit. Keep in touch

  6. OMG! It looks awesome!! :)

  7. love your makeup!

    xx nikki

  8. WOW! I love this neat design-- very cool tutorial.
    Rocking babe!


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