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Dress - ℅ Hearts & Bows // Knee high boots - ℅ Ark // Jacket - Plt // Magic carpet charm & necklace - ℅ Jewel Street // Headband - Anthropologie // Metal bag - Topshop //  Sunglasses - ℅ Zerouv

This has to be my favourite outfit yet, I am obsessed with all the different elements of it. The retro cat eye sunglasses, the pattern clash, my 'Blaire esque.' headband and most of all the Magic carpet pendant. First of all can we just take a minute to realise that its a magic carpet charm. So amazing and I'm completely in love! I was lucky enough to be able to shop Jewel Street looking for a piece to style in one of my outfits. I realised after ten minutes on there that i had a dozen things added to my basket. I was truly a kid in a candy store. i went for Jeremy Hoyes collection, he pieces were very me. I just love the variety of charms he does. I couldn't help but think that these charms would make a lovely gift for someone special, starting them off with the bracelet and adding a charm for every special occasion. It would truly make an amazing gift. i had a tough time choosing which one to go for till i seen the Aladdin themed charms, the hippy in me couldn't resist. i have my eye on the Indian inspired slipper next! The charm is £50 and is also available in silver. The chain starts from £18, with lots of different lengths to choose from. i went for a longer chain; i find that it goes with much more and really adds to an outfit being at an eye-catching length. Its definitely one of those pieces that i'll wear over and over. I'm planning to layer it will lots of different necklaces for a more bohemian vibe. I've had to share some of my favourite charms with you guys.

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  1. So pretty Rachael, this is just such a cool look x

  2. I love this look, especially that dress.
    Bows of Style

  3. Love the clash of prints and the mix of colours here, so gorgeous! xo

  4. that dress is so gorgeous!

    xx nikki

  5. Love the mix of prints :)

  6. love your outfit so much !


  7. I'm in love with this outfit! All the colours work so well together and that long line blazer is gorgeous! xxx

  8. the dress is very fashionable,and i think i can buy one for myself

  9. Nice skirt but I simply love the umbella!!


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