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Sunglasses -  ℅ ZeroUV // Dress - Frolicking with Clementine Vintage // Boots - All Saints // Faux fur gilet - PLT 

Oh god, its been so long that I've forgotten how this goes. I haven't blogged in over 2 months *ooops*. As much as i love it, I'm finding it harder and harder to fit it into my days. Blogging is a hobby of mine. I don't see it as work and i don't thin i would ever quit everything i do to become 'a full time blogger'. I never want it to feel like a chore and I'm afraid thats a down fall of my personality; if i feel as though i 'have' to do something, then I'm going to be a stubborn child about it and not do it. To be honest i am having a style crisis. I've got into the habit of wearing black - i feel like i'm mourning my former fashion sense.  I'm thinking of updating my wardrobe and maybe a bit of a hair change! i haven't decided yet so in the meantime enjoy this pastel outfit from the end of May - testing out my new Canon lens, might i add! 



  1. This look is absolutely gorgeous! :) I love everything in your outfit! :)

  2. Oh wow, you look absolutely stunning Rachael! This outfit is just gorgeous x

  3. You look super gorgeous in that dress !

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  4. <3 love everything about this outfit!

  5. this dress is incredible-- the print, the color scheme, the skirt! you rock it!

  6. This dress is looking super gorgeous - great selection!!

  7. Love this dress and love this color


  8. Wonderful blog and yes you carried this outfit so beautifully, I really like these type of dresses and wonder if it going to suit me or not. Great share


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