Crown  - c/o Helen Valk-Varavin // Dress - Topshop // Cardigan - Romwe // Crystal jelly shoes - Stuart Weitzman // Opal rings - Vintage // Gold band rings - Aliexpress

At last... a brand new camera with a rusty photographer. I was confident with my dinosaur Canon and didn't really think much about how different using the 6D would be. Pretty much guys, it may as well been in Japanese. By the time i got the settings to where i wanted them, it started raining, Just my luck. To all the regular readers on my blog, you all will know that i never take pictures in doors. It's a whole new ball game for me. I always think my photos turn out like 'memory' and 'holiday snaps' and less about fashion, so i stay clear. So please excuse the amateur images. Fyi, I also used the self timer and remote today for the first time. 

I've been so excited take pictures of this absolutely gorgeous crown! I mean wow! Its packed full of whimsical delights. So girly and delicate. I love the fact it has Swarovski crystal elements with 3D flowers encrusted all over. When you look closely at the crown, you can see how much detail has gone into it with the engraved and hand painted components. So trying to stay true to this beautiful piece, i wanted to dress like a princess from an enchanted fairy tail. Being a girl and obviously a fan of disney, the idea of taking shots in my bedroom seemed like a win win. It's a touch of Cinderella with the glass slippers, Sleeping Beauty with the flowers on the bed and a little bit of Snow white - mirror mirror on the wall.

Keeping with the pastel theme; i'm in love with at the moment, i styled the crown with a satin dusty pink dress with delicate jelly shoes. I felt a little blended in, with the dress being so close to my skin colour so the fluffy cardigan was a nice touch. I didn't accessorise much as i didn't want to take away from the crown.

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  1. gorgeous photos!



  2. These pictures are absolutely stunning Rachael! You look amazing! x


  3. So so stunning! Can't get over the beauty of your photos! Such a babe too <3

  4. Looking all lovely !

  5. Considering you took these with just a tripod and remote, it's really great photography! I don't think I can do it myself - you look gorgeous! (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm - a 'lil bit of rust & stardust

    1. Thats so sweet of you thanks! i dont have a tripod yet, i had to use stacked books haha!

  6. Awesome pics! Nice outfit and super cool pics
    Nice Blog :D

  7. i loved your pictures, they still look nice even though
    you say its your first time taking them inside!
    they remind me a fairies


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