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I was recently contacted by Flamingo Gifts to choose some bits and pieces to feature on my blog. Not only was i spoilt rotten, i was completely spoilt for choice. I mean everything had me 'ooooh' 'ahhhh' 'so cute' 'oh my god... NEED!' Their home ware items are my favourite, so many quirky pieces; Cherry bake well cake tin, Bourbon biscuit tin, gummy bear lights, russian doll egg timer, funky cushions and totally unique recipe books. I am a girly girl at heart and just can't resist anything in pink or pastel colours. In my house, my bedroom was the only place i was 'allowed' to decorate - naturally i went mad - flowers wrapped around the bed, pink flower arrangements, fairy lights, duck egg coloured bedding and trinkets dotting about everywhere. I'm so happy the girls and Flamingo Gifts sent me cute bedroom bits. I got the dog jewellery dish; that i have on my desk for my needles and threads, some vintage tissue paper pom pom decorations; which are in pastel colours, they are hanging from the corner of my room over my desk. So dreamy! And a set of silver salt & pepper stag heads. There is truly something there for everyone, i will be having a neb for a special gift for mothers day but not before i treat myself to the Retro pastel suitcases!
lightpompom copyWALLpompom

Set of 3 Rambling Rose Paper Pom Pom Decorations (in small) - ℅ Flamingo Gifts / / Autumn Dog Jewellery Dish - ℅ Flamingo Gifts / / Stag Head Salt & Pepper set - ℅ Flamingo Gift  / / 



  1. these items are looking super adorable !


  2. all of those are so cute wow!

  3. I love these things! xx

  4. those suitcases are so cute!

    xx nikki


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