Lilac Gingham

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Hat - River Island // Shaggy Jumper - PLT // Ginghan Trousers - PLT // Biker Jacket - PLT //

I'm sporting another PLT outfit. I seriously can not get enough of their 'new' section. I find myself adding complete outfits to my basket until a wash of guilt passes over me and i realise that i can not spend all my money on clothes; i'm a grownup now - well thats what everyone keeps telling me - and i have to spend it on more practical things. So my plans to blog more haven't gone to well last month. I officially blogged once in January, yep you read right, once! I'm not off to a speedy start this year but i tell myself slow and steady wins the race - i like to take my time planning my outfit; actually wearing it all day so i don't become a 'just for show' blogger. i like to plan a great backdrop and i love to edit photos for hours. Plus I've been getting back into my DIY days, customising clothes is my first love and it now takes up most of my spare time. I'm trying to get a collection out for this year so stay tuned! 

My outfit is a purple/lilac explosion. I'm a fan of a funky pair of pants especially in velvet  and being gingham, they tick all my boxes. The shaggy thread jumper was an impulse buy. I love the way it was styled on Pretty Little Thing; very grungy, bohemian like. I've worn it a few times with lots of different things and it's definitely a winner. Because its so oversized and just plain huge, its better to wear with something tight on the bottom half or you end up looking like big bird.



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